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X-pressin C stabilized papain15ML

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Formulation Tips

1-10% in cosmetic formulations.It can be added at the end .
X-Pressin ™ C is a rapid, intense, non-irritating, healthy glow-enhancing technology through a process of optimizing and stabilizing the papain enzyme. X-Pressin‚Ñ¢ C rapidly improves the appearance of skin (after an overnight application) and visibly enhances its beauty, through softer and smoother skin and a new luminosity in less than a month.Proved to be highly stable in activity when compared to free papain and free subtilisin It retains over 60% activity at 45¬∞C for 6 weeks Proved to be less irritating than a glycolic acid treatment. Has a greater exfoliation effect when compared to salicylic acid. Reduces surface imperfections after 28 days