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making cosmetics

For those familiar with making cosmetics, knowledgeable professionals and beauty care aficionados, we created a new cosmetics workshop, BeautyLab/TheStore, at Kaningos Square, along the small Katakouzinou Street pedestrian way in central Athens.

At the well-designed, welcoming BeautyLab/TheStore, you can find everything you need to make cosmetics for the face and body, including basic ingredients, essential oils, cosmetic bases, fragrances, packaging and chemical substances of excellent quality and at affordable prices.

Most importantly, you will meet an enthusiastic team of experienced people eager to guide you through the secrets of cosmetic preparation, so that together, you can design your own cosmetic care regime with products that are tailored to your needs and preferences. The team of chemists at TheStore is highly specialised in the field of cosmetics, following the latest developments and innovations in cosmetology. They provide technical advice for DIY cosmetics and make beauty care recommendations based on the ready-made products available there.

It has been called a luxury chemistry lab, a paradise of DIY. The shop provides inspiration and nurtures creativity, as we also organise educational seminars, creative workshops for school children, students of related professions and individuals interested in learning how to prepare natural cosmetics. Products, concoctions and imaginative creations are prepared and tested at the cosmetic bar.